• What is Wetland Biodiversity?

    The Wetlands in High Park are unique environments knows as the Grenadier wetland complex. This means that they are aquatic environments located within land boundaries. Wetlands include lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, groundwater, springs, cave waters, floodplains, as well as bogs, marshes and swamps.

  • Why Snow is Essential

    Water is life. Snow is one of many forms of water. Snow is life. Seasonal snow is an essential part of Mother Earth’s climate system. Snow cover helps to regulate the temperature of Mother Earth’s surface, and once that snow melts, the water helps fill rivers and reservoirs in many regions of the world.

  • Road Salt is a danger to Wildlife!

    In winter and spring, Road salt dissolves easily in water and flows from roads and parking lots into the sewers, and then into our creeks, wetlands, rivers and lakes. The salt levels in groundwater and surface water regularly reach levels that are dangerous for wildlife and waterways!

  • Indigenous Views

    By Carolynne Crawley Indigenous peoples have been and continue to be in a deep and reciprocal relationship with these lands, waters, and beings since time immemorial.