Get familiar with characteristics of turtle relatives that you can find in High Park so you can easily identify them!

Snapping Turtle

Snapping turtle photo
Photo by Amyris Rada.

  • Prehistoric-looking
  • Upper shell (carapace) color is tan or olive to black
  • Carapace length is up to 50 cm (19.5 in)
  • Weight over 15 kg (33 lb)
  • Long tail with triangular spikes along the top
  • Largest freshwater turtle in Canada
  • Lifespan estimated between 30 to 40 years in the wild, perhaps even longer.

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Midland Painted Turtle

Midland painted turtle picture
Photo by Amyris Rada.

  • Olive to black carapace with red or dark orange markings on the margin
  • Red and yellow stripes on the head and neck
  • Carapace length between 12 to 14 cm, measured up to 19.5 cm
  • yellow or dark tan plastron (lower shell) with a darker, irregular “butterfly” marking along the midline
  • Often bask on shorelines, logs, or rocks above the water

For more information, read Midland painted turtles (Ontario nature).

Red-eared Slider Turtle

Red-eared slider turtle
Red-eared slider photo: PXFUEL
  • Brown to black carapace
  • Yellow stripes on its limbs and head
  • Distinctive red or orange band around the eyes
  • Maximum size of 25 to 33 cm
  • Can live more than 30 years in captivity
  • Most common non-native species of turtle in Ontario
  • Native to the south-central U.S

Red-eared Sliders are often released into the park’s ponds from home aquariums. They are thriving and displacing the native population of Midland painted turtles.

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