We need your help to protect Turtle nests!

Volunteer opportunities

Local opportunities (Proximity to High Park or travel to High Park is required)

  • Turtle watching. Watch for nesting turtles in High Park, mornings or evening in June and report any turtle sighting.
  • Turtle sitting. Come quickly to a Turtle nesting site and stay until the Turtle Mamma finishes laying her eggs. Optionally, help install the nest protector with the Turtle protector lead.
  • Turtle protector lead. Be on-call to show up quickly at the turtle sighting location, stay with nesting turtles and place the protectors.
  • Turtle Taxi driver. Help to drives injured turtles to a center that will take care of them. Turtles will be transported in enclosed containers – drivers do not need handle the animals directly. Interested volunteers do not need to have any experience with turtles to apply, but must have access to a vehicle.

Remote opportunities (Not local to High Park)

  • Answering our phone line. Requires access to internet and a computer to log on the website for our phone line.
  • Graphic designer. Develop materials for social media, flyers or other media.
  • Grant writers. Help us research, draft, and submit proposals to receive grant funding.

How to become a Turtle Protector Volunteer?

We require a three hour a week commitment during the month of June and September. If you can help with any of the current volunteer opportunities, fill out our Volunteer application form:

Once you filled out your application, the volunteer coordinator will be in touch in you and will add you to the mailing list so that you can receive our weekly mailing call out. You will also be granted access to our volunteer resources.

Send us an email

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us.